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Oh yes, this is what we are doing, with our DungeonMaster Billo. Observe my characters, Velga the Fighting Dwarf and Mr. Bingley the Elf Cleric. Next we shall buy a case of Mountain Dew and paint our tiny pewter figurines.

math is hard

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We are camping in Monongahela National Forest!
many pictures


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One thing I rue the day of is how I purposely taught Lenny to bring us his num-num ball when he wants a num-num put into it.

We are going to the poor house due to his insatiable desire for nums. So since it is autumn and all I want is baked goods with baked goods on top, I decided to make some homemade dog num nums.

I even used my one of my ikea forest animal cookie cutters. WELL, who is the most ungrateful dog in the world.

Lenny is!


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There are often interesting things on the windows at work. I may begin a series called “A Window on Wildlife on a Window.” It will usually be a crazy giant moth and occasionally a frog.


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Here we see the work of an exquisitely trained mulching hound, accomplished in the span of time taken to drink one cup of coffee.


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Readers, it is so terrible to mock others, especially about anything to do with the most important day of their lives when they are a special and pretty princess for a day or possibly up to a week. Yet, if they post a picture of their engagement ring on a highly head-explosion-inducing internet message board, then it cannot be resisted. I mean, have you ever in your life seen a bigger collection of big creepy wrinkly monster hands and little fleshy monster paws?

I’m not saying that I don’t have thumbs that look slightly like toes, I’m just saying that I’m not posting a picture of it.

Next up: my second-favorite engagement ring picture thing, which is when the rings go off by themselves and have their portraits taken on top of a peppermill or something.


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Today we got up at the crack of dawn to go to a Crate & Barrel wedding registry party. The upside is that the store is closed to regulars and there are drinks and snacks; the downside is the aforementioned crack of dawn. Also it’s not true that you have to “meet other couples,” you can just silently judge them and focus on scanning junk and having a free mimosa and tiny bagel. Also there were waffles and tiny quiches if you are into that sort of thing.

It is hard to remember what you have already scanned but that does not make it any less fun to keep scanning random items.

We got a free gift which is adorable heart-shaped champagne flutes. We drank cider out of them when we got home while Chris argued with people on the internet about football or something.

We also got these fancy snacks from a local caterer. Aren’t they fancy?

Where are the other two macarons you say? To which I say, they do not have an ingredients label so you cannot literally prove that they are not vegan.

Apparently we desire 3 Krups Beertenders which are sadly no longer available.